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Clarence Darrow to Paul Darrow, February 12, 1931

Notes on date: Year written on letter by an unknown person

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Cable Address 'Biltmore' Atlanta

Telephone Hemloch 5200

Atlanta Biltmore
"The South's Supreme Hotel"
Atlanta, Ga

West Peachtree Fifth, Sixth and Cypress Streets

Feby 12

Dear Paul

I will be in Dunedin Florida on the 14th with McGill and will stay probably three weeks. Stocks seem to be improving, so I hope you are not worried so much. If you need any of the money for any purpose dont hesitate to use it. How are you getting along in the office. Whereabouts in Clearwater is your friend stopping think I can find him any how, as the
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place is small. Am feeling very much better since I got away from N.Y.