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Clarence Darrow to Paul Darrow, January 31, 1931

Notes on date: Year written on letter by an unknown person

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Image 1 of letter from   Clarence Darrow to   Paul Darrow
Cable Address, Murahill
Telephone Lexington 2300

Murray Hill Hotel
Park Avenue, 40th to 41st Streets
New York

B.L.M. Bates, Proprietor
G.T. Sandalls, Manager

Jan 31

Dear Paul

I havent been very well ? the flu. So I havent spent the time to write.- I am getting better however. The hard times have interfered some with meetings as you have perhaps observed. McGill was here a few days ago & invited us to go with him to his hotel in Clearwater Florida which is a nice place[.] So I think I we will go leaving here about Feby 10th & speaking at Atlanta Savanah & Jacksonville and will stay at Clearwater for two or three weeks possibly a little longer. You will have time to reach me with a letter here if you wish before I go. Tell the kids that I am awfully glad they moved to Chicago. I am afraid that
Image 2 of letter from   Clarence Darrow to   Paul Darrow
I would have been lonesome if they hadnt lived so near bye. Any how we will have a good time next year in Greeley[.]

Love to all ?