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Clarence Darrow to Ruby Darrow, Unknown Date

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Sunday PM
My darling Ruby,
This morning I wired you but have not heard a reply. I can not [__] you up — unless you want it. I feel that I can arrange matters, to settle it as we both — want. Since yesterday something has happened which makes me see a way. I can not today write you fully but I expect to know by Saturday whether it can be done — soon. Can you wait until then [___] after Saturday. I can not probably fix date but will have whether the matter will probably come right soon
will then see you at once after the 22nd of this month — when my boy goes back, and tell you exactly how it stands — will go to St. Louis or the ends of the earth to see you.
This letter seems cold & formal, but I am only [___], the strain is great — my poor dear girl I know what you feel. I also know what others feel, but to give you up is the same as to die. I do not see how I could
be happy with any one else. Dearest I am crazy for love of you but I would not for the world have you do anything for me. But I do think if you could wait until I see you & tell you how it is you will believe with me that I can soon bring it about. If the matter I refer to on Saturday goes as I expect — it will be almost sure. I am doing all this I feel not for you but for myself. I somehow can not think of life without you. Let me [know?] at once — ever & ever.
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[ one of C.D's letters to R-D- before married - ]
Mrs. C.S. Darrow
1537 E. 60th St.
Chicago, Ill.