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Clarence Darrow to Mr. Griffin, July 10, XXXX

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Image 1 of letter from   Clarence Darrow to  Mr. Griffin
July 10th
My Dear Mr. Griffin,
Regarding San Antonio I had a wire from them in which there was a mistake in transcribing the price they could afford and I immediately answered it giving them the same terms I gave to you and Houston. I had this because it is what I usually get and also because I did not feel that I should discriminate. I have not heard from him in reply and now comes your letter. I am aware that I am an individual moved more or less by conflicting motives, but on the whole had rather say yes than no. If I never got any more money I have no idea that I shall die a pauper. I like to live well and I am out of practice after living fifty years in [____] houses. I presume Mrs. D will live a good while after I go to heaven, so I do give a little attention to the financial side. Although I have spoken a good many times for the fun of it. I wouldn't think of making any different terms with San Antonio than I have with you. Still I know the circumstances of the case and you may fix up a meeting in San Antonio if you wish as just such a price as they can fairly pay or if an [_____] is charged I will take a chance with them. But there is one thing in the way I am to speak in Pittsburgh on the 7th of Nov. and I can not make it if I spoke in San Antonio on the 6th. I could go there the 2nd if I could make Little Rich on the 3rd. I will however wire Pittsburgh and see if they could change the date and if 20 will wire a reply.
Image 2 of letter from   Clarence Darrow to  Mr. Griffin
I am afraid you took seriously what I said about going to Texas unarmed. "I hear [____] that Texas is much different than Illinois, and really I want to go or I would not.
With kind regards,
Clarence Darrow
I don't even carry a gun in Chicago. I really want to go to Texas or I would not.
With kind regards