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H. L. Mencken to Clarence Darrow, May 9, 1924

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NOTE new Address: 730 FIFTH AVENUE
220 West Forty-second Street
New York
May 9th

Dear Mr. Darrow:—
Your article goes to the printer
today, and our cashier will insult you anon.
I have cut it a bit, and hope you won't
object. The title you had on it was
too long for our line, so I changed that
also. But a proof will reach you in plenty
of time, and if you want to make any changes
the chance will be there. It is an excellent
article, and I believe that it will stir up
the animals.
I shall be on the floor when you
cast your vote for Al Smith, and loose a
respectful cheer. I'll look you up as soon
as the convention assembles. My own
headquarters will be in the Baltimore Sun
bureau at the Biltmore Hotel. I trust that
I'll have the honor of introducing you to
a very meritorious brand of Scotch, now in my
lockers. I am also privy to a worthy
beer-house in the ancient manner, somewhat
smelly, but with capital malt on tap.
Sincerely yours,
H. L. Mencken