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Harry Elmer Barnes to Unknown, XX-XX-XXXX

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Image 1 of letter from  Unknown to  Harry Elmer Barnes
R. F. D. 5, NEW YORK
that he did not think there was another man in the United
States who could have done so good a piece of work. Then,
lo and behold, a relative of a member of the board, who
had teen an assistant superintendent of a reform school
in Michigan, was out of a job and the board turned my fath-
er loose. While I have some influential friends in Erie
I thought it best not to raise any fuss and try to over-
rule this decision. It might involve others to their
I am wondering, if you know of any position that
my father might fill? He would make a very good person
to travel and supervise boys on parole. If anything
occurs to you , you might drop him a note at West Spring-
field. But dont give this a minute's consideration un-
less it should turn out that you could use my father in
a manner to redound to your own advantage. I dont want
you have a moment of mental perturbation about the mat-
ter. If something turns up quite naturally I would ap-
preciate anything you can do.
Cordially yours,
Image 2 of letter from  Unknown to  Harry Elmer Barnes
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