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Harry Elmer Barnes to Charles J. Dutton, June 12, 1940

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Image 1 of letter from  Harry Elmer Barnes to   Charles J. Dutton
June 12, 1940.
Dear Miss Wells:-
Some time ago I wrote you about
my friend, Dr. Charles J. Dutton, of Agawam, Mass.
I believe you were away on a trip when my letter
arrived. Today, I received a letter from Dr. Dut-
ton saying that he had never heard from you.
Dr. Dutton is a distinguished auth-
or, with many substantial and popular books to his
credit, and is a veteran and facile lecturer.
I can recommend him to you heartily.
I believe he would prove one of the best lecturers
on your list. He is well known from New England to
the Far West.
Cordially yours,

Dear Charles:-
Thanks for your letter. I am poking
up Miss Wells. Got a letter from Mencken today in
which he predicts Roosevelt will have us in war
in two weeks and will cut off all free speech at