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Clarence Darrow to Charles J. Dutton, January 09, 1932

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Image 1 of letter from   Clarence Darrow to   Charles J. Dutton
January 9-th, 1932. ----

To Charles J. Dutton,
Des Moines, Iowa, ---
My Dear Dutton ; ----
Let us make it the 21-st of February , --
and hope that nothing will interfere with being there
then. Your church does not seat many people, but,---
there will be no expenses. As I understand it, I am
to receive one-half of the gross receipts. If you are
obliged to take a hall, we will fix the division to
suit. It might bethat you could get $1.25 or $1.50.
Anyhow, let me know if the date is fixed, and I will
put it into my little book.
Always yours truly,
Clarence Darrow