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Clarence Darrow to Charles J. Dutton, June 04, 1929

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Image 1 of letter from   Clarence Darrow to   Charles J. Dutton
June 4, 1929

Rev. Charles J. Dutton,
Erie, Pa.
My dear Mr. Dutton:
I appreciate the kind letter you wrote me
and although much surprised I am very glad to believe
what you say. It has been very nice indeed to meet
you and I hope it will not be long until I see you
It didn't take very much time when I met
you in the smoking car for me to fall in love with
you and your views. I will stop off in Erie before
you leave. I am inclined to think that Des Moines
is a better place for you and that you will be
able to build up a pretty good congregation. If
there is anything I can do for you there or any–
where, please let me do it.
With best wishes, always,
Your friend,
Clarence Darrow