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Clarence Darrow to Paul Darrow, September 19, 1924

On September 10, 1924 the judge handed down the sentence in the Leopold and Loeb case. Because of their relative youth, the judge sentenced the two defendants to life plus 99 years instead of the death penalty. The Loeb family was wealthy enough to have a summer estate on Lake Pine in Charlevoix located in northern Michigan and Richard Loeb spent a great deal of time there. Loeb had his own boat, landing and boat house on Lake Pine. Darrow is writing this letter from the Loeb estate. Darrow's remark about "My argument" is about his final plea to save Leopold and Loeb. His reference to the fee in the case is the amount of the fee he will receive from the Leopold and Loeb families.

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Mrs. Albert H. Loeb
Loeb Farms
Charlevoix, Michigan
Sept. 19

Dear Paul;

I have been up here for about ten days taking a rest. It is a very beautiful spot. Shall go back to Chicago the 22d. & sometime late in Oct or early in Nov. will come out. Will send you copies of My argument when I get back[.] Am feeling pretty well again after my rest. I think I did not write you about the bonds. Do as you please about it. I rather think

preferred stock or notes at 07% would be as good a way as any. Of course if some were sold there it might help you indirectly but I don't know as it is worth while to put out an other bond issue to sell. Is your Mother still there. If so better give xxx her $100— for me as I havent sent her any money lately. Will pay it back early next month. Have not yet settled matter of fees in the case but will soon.

Love to all