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Clarence Darrow to Paul Darrow, October 23, 1913

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1202 Ashland Block

Oct 23rd

Dear Paul

Canfield has not shown up but I will be glad to see him & do what I can when he comes. I go East tonight to speak will be here for a few days on Nov. 3rd [.] Barclay was in to see me today: he tells me the U.P. has given up the fight & will make deals, that is good. He says he is out about 40000? in the deal (which I presume is not true) & asked me to go with him to see the Burlington people which I will do on my return[.] He also spoke of us helping [.] I told him to see you & you would do

your part. Of course I know nothing about the facts & presume he over-estimates his work & his time & expenses. Any way write me about it so I will know what to say to the Burlington people if I go[.] Every thing going along smoothly here. I am glad Lil is better[.] I hear you have been elected Pres of xxx Commercial Club. Good stuff. Think you better get into the Marines[.]