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Clarence Darrow to Paul Darrow, October 12, 1913

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1202 Ashland Block


Dear Paul

Canfield was here yesterday & Baehr & I had a talk with him, he did not get down to business & would not make a proposition but said? he would have to go back to Greeley & talk with his people. He got the impression that we would go in at 2 for 1 & left xxx us with the impression that he would stick for more[.] He did say most positively that if they combined they would expect 06% dividends from the start, both Baehr & I said we didnt believe it could pay that and we would not be in favor of paying more than it earned less a reasonable amount for improvements. I feel that he wants the money more than any thing else & that he is a Danger & rather unreliable in methods

xxx and still that he has some good reason for wanting to combine. Mr. Ramsey wrote me saying he thought we ought to combine if possible that he had information of something going on that would hurt the gas business. I dont think there is much in it but I think you had better see him & then if you have any suggestions to make write both Baehr & me as I am liable to be out of town when C comes[.]