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Clarence Darrow to Paul Darrow, May 5, 1913

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Joseph R. W. Cooper
1202 Ashland Block
Phone Central 925

May 5  '13

Dear Paul

Am back at the old place for a time[.] Dont know what I will do yet until I am sure about L.A. Every one glad to see me & I believe I have more friends than ever before. Any how it is all right & I presume an other trial would make almost every one with me. Any how if I go through an other will have help enough to pay all bills. Several people want me to go into business with them & many have come to see me & the telephone is busy most of the time. Am glad you are doing well now. I bought 50 shares Southern Pacific at 97[.] Will write when I hear any news & if I go back will stop on the way[.]



Have countlessable hope of the Canfield Greeley Reader deal[.]