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Clarence Darrow to J. Howard Moore, December 28, 1912

Darrow's reference to meat eating is to "Of Eating of Flesh" by Plutarch.

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Dec. 28

My Dear Mr. Moore;

Your letter with enclosure fro Mr. Salt received, am very much oblijed for both. Your philosophy is exactly right and it is the way I look at it I really am not worrying at all it is of no consequence nothing is; So far as it matters it would be best if I am beaten after a fight. I hope Jennie and the rest understand it that way. I am perfectly serene and have no regrets for any thing nothing else is worth while–even if this is

Did you ever read Plutarch on meat eating? It is as good as any thing you moderns have done ,and seems to cover every thing that has been written i in the last two thousand years. All of which seems to show we dont move.You will find it in his volum essays? Love from both to all of you.