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Clarence Darrow to J. Howard Moore, February 6, 1912

It appears that Howard Moore and his wife Jennie, Clarence Darrow's sister, had recently offered Darrow money. Darrow's statement that "[t]hey had no right to do this to me" is a reference to being indicted and facing trial for jury bribery. He was indicted in Los Angeles on January 29, 1912.

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Ocean Park

Feby. 6

Dear Howard

Your good letters just came— you are kind & generous & true. I dont need the money from either of you or Jennie now, save it & sometime I may. They had no right to do this to me & I dont believe it will stick. I feel quite sure I can win but the interests against me are strong & if I fail I may have to leave you all for a time — not long — I believe, but I think that even then I will adjust my life & come out of it all stronger than before. Still I think & hope I shall win— although perhaps losing would be best. Any how I love you both & thank you both & dont want you to mourn for me— for my mind & soul are adjusted to what comes.

Ever your brother