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Clarence Darrow to Jennie Darrow Moore, February 4, 1912

Darrow wrote this letter just a few days after he was indicted on jury bribery charges on January 29, 1912.

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Law Offices
Darrow, Masters & Wilson
1202 Ashland Block
Clarence S. Darrow, Edgar L. Masters, Francis S. Wilson
Feby 4

Dear Jennie

Thanks for your good letter and kind offer. I dont need any thing now but if I do later might let you help some— but I dont expect to. Dont worry over me I have it all settled in my mind which is clear & tranquil & if any thing happens it wont hurt & I am sure under the circumstances [will ?] develop & help me. Have many good friends here and if it was an other in my place I would say nothing else can be as good for you[.] Still for all that they cant do it without a fight & I see little chance for me to loose[.]

With love from both to both of you


Mrs. Jennie Moore
6260 Jackson Pk. Av.