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Clarence Darrow to Paul Darrow, January 9, 1912

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Dear Paul

I feel that you ought to see Conley now & see if there is a chance to dispose of the plant. You will not need to sell it unless it is best? but I feel if we could get 75000. or even 60000. we ought to do it. It looks to me that improvements etc. will make it a long time before we can even get an income above bonds & that more money will be needed? and that you could do better if you had the money to invest where it would bring regular returns[.] I wont insist on your selling but I think you should see at once if there is a chance. It? looks like I will never earn any more & while it will take very little little to live on still

I dont want to put too much on you. Then too I may be put to expense in my defence if I am indicted as I probably will be. Any how look into it, go over it with Jacobs & make some little effort in the matter.


I feel that I had better not leave here now will wait a little any how[.]