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Clarence Darrow to Paul Darrow, November 11, 1911

Darrow is referring to jury selection in the trial of the McNamara brothers.

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Clarence Darrow
Higgins Building
Los Angeles

Nov 11th

Dear Paul

In this state they get twelve men in the jury box who have passed both rules with no excuse for cause & then they challenge what they wish ? the state has ten peremptory challenges & the defense 20[.] We got 12 ? & they used 2 & we used 5 ? leaving 5 in the box then we excused 2 of these by agreement leaving 3 sworn to try the case. They are [Blan?]?[Green?] & one more. We are well satisfied with them. We then started out to fill it & have passed three more for cause. After the [panell?] is full we will both challenge [peremtorily?] again. They have been d ? n [?] but have not got the best of us in any

particular[.] Still I feel about the ultimate outcome just as I have— although [?] big [?] has helped. It will take to Christmas to get a jury— & probably until April to finish the case. When Baer comes I want you to talk with him about some deal on the plant such as I wrote— you about— They can afford to give more for it than we because they can save a lot of money running it. I xxx suppose it will turn out all right some time, but it will be a long time before my dividends can be taken out. Am well & we wish you could both come out & see us.