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Clarence Darrow to Paul Darrow, October 8, 1911

Darrow's reference to the case going on Wednesday is to the trial of the McNamara brothers which began on October 11, 1911.

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E. L. Potter Co.

C. H. Knappe.

Van Nuys Hotel
European Plan
Los Angeles, Cal.

Oct 8th

Dear Paul

There is no reason why you should not draw some more money if you need it. You might as well pay interest [?] when due. I have about $10000 $1000.? in bank in Chicago after your drawing the 250 which I suppose you drew[.] I have about 3000. here as soon as I get a little more think I will buy a mortgage as you advise[.] Can get perfectly safe ones at 07% some at 08. but will only try to get .07% & will see that it is safe. The rate of interest here is high— The case will go go on Wednesday. I am glad of

it as I want to get through some time. I am very well & am not worrying & have good help & then, I dont see what I can do any how— you need not tell any one what I think about case of course. It looks as if your business was doing well. How many meters have you by this time—