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Clarence Darrow to Paul Darrow, September 7, 1911

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Clarence Darrow
Higgins Building
Los Angeles

September 7th, 1911.

Mr. Paul Darrow,

Greely, Colo.

Dear Paul:-

Your letter just received, and I am glad to know that everything is going all right. I presume the business situation there is favorable although I am anxious for you to have something larger and more of it as soon as possible.

Fred's friend who visited you in Greely came in to see me the other day. He thought you were doing exceedingly well, the best, he thought, that one could do; he also said that he had given you some pointers that would help you in the coming fall and winter business. He will return in the course of the next month or six weeks, and tells me that he will again visit you. He thinks the small towns around there will be worked to a profit as soon as the high pressure is removed.

Very truly,

I will not go into any thing without you approve. Have been thinking of buying 100 shares [?] Commons. It looks to me good & in the present recession I think it is bound to go up & any how we could get our money at any time. It might be needed there next year[.]