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Clarence Darrow to Paul Darrow, August 23, 1911

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The Owl
San Francisco        Los Angeles

Aug 23rd

Dear Paul

Your letter came today & I was glad you wrote so fully. I am going up to San Francisco this evening & to send this line on train. I presume in a short time I will send you the money for the mortgage unless Mrs.[Sokesfs ?] takes all or a part. I wont buy any thing here. I think you are right interest is about the safest game. uess in a short

while I may take it. I was figuring more on Jacobs but he left rather unexpectedly so I will cut it out. Is he all right? I am sure he would always help us on any thing. I am glad to get a full report & suppose we have no right to [?] but I would xxx rather have you where the chances are better there [?] not much growth in the business there. I still think that through your relations with Connelly, & the help of Baeker [?] [?] some sort of a deal could be made. Suppose for instance a long lease at $500? a month or thereabouts with a? contract [secured?] that they take it in 10 yrs at 75000? or 100 000 above bonds or some scheme? Any how it would save from 500 to 1000? a month to operate the two together. Try a talk with Conally & see if it can be figured out. I am not working

very hard, the fact is I dont see much to be done? I never was in better health & all things considered am having a good time. When I get through with this I can take a vacation. I wont need any money out of the gas Co. for at least two years from now & will not be obliged to have it then. Still I want to it to do well & of course no more should be put in than is necessary.