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Clarence Darrow to Paul Darrow, May 14, 1911

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Darrow, Masters & Baily,
1202 Ashland Block,
Clarence S. Darrow, Edgar L. Masters, Jacob L. Baily.

May 14th

Dear Paul

I expect to start to Los Angeles on Saturday the 20th. Shall go direct there & will probably return for a short time about June 10th when I will stop at Greeley. Within the present year I expect about $50000 from this & about $25000 within 30 days. Of course I want to get all my debts off my hands as soon as possible the first 25000? will just about do this including the $3000? for the Gas Co which I got of Fred. Of course I can let you have some of this & you will have what you need, but prefer to go a little slower there, & make it [?] out for its self as far as

possible & put the surplus into some good stocks like Atcheson paying for it in full. Still I will not invest in any thing without consulting you & what what xxx you need will come first.



You can address me at L.A. at Alexandria Hotel Hotel