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Clarence Darrow to Moyer, Haywood & Pettibone, November 5, 1906

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Law Offices
Darrow, Masters & Wilson
1202 Ashland Block
November 5th, 1906.
Clarence S. Darrow, Edgar L. Masters, Francis S. Wilson

Messrs. Moyer, Haywood & Pettibone,

Boise, Idaho

Dear friends:

Enclosed find copy of letter which I have just sent to Mr. Richardson. You may write him about it if you wish, or you may write me about it if you prefer. If you ask me to I will see that Mr. Dickson is discharged, although I deem it both unfair and unwise. If you prefer you may indicate to Mr. Richardson that he may do it, or, as I have stated in my letter, he may do it on his own account. But whatever you or he may conclude to do in this matter I want to assure you that it would take much more than this, or more than anything that I can conceive,— except your own suggestion? to cause me to do anything that would in any way injure the case or imperil your safety. None of us have any right to consider anything else at this time.

With best wishes, believe me,

Your friend,