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Clarence Darrow to Jessie Ohl Darrow, May 21, 1906

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Law Offices
Darrow, Masters & Wilson
1202 Ashland Block,
Clarence S. Darrow, Edgar L. Masters, Francis S. Wilson.

May 21 1906

Dear Jessie

Paul does not seem to want his business known or talked about. I dont know why but he likes to keep it to himself. I want you to know but dont tell him or any one else. The money I was going to get [?] you will all go into the business that I am getting for him. He is getting a half interest & it is a good business where he will get a good income & we are fixing it perfectly safe. I am more particular about your money than any one else, and dont want you to take any chances with it. If you let me take it I will give you stock that is sold every day & can be disposed of any day you want for more than the amount & in addition will deed you at least seven thousand dollars worth of real estate that is perfectly clear, but prefer not to have the deed put on [record?] as it makes it necessary to get new abstracts in case of sale & I want to sell it. As to my own

affairs I have now at least $50 000, mostly in stocks which can be sold any day in my own name[.] above any thing I owe Paul has at least $5000, more, & you know what is in your name. The interest in the business I am buying for Paul if it goes as I think & hope ought to make him as big big an income as I have in four or five years the first one now.

As to your matters I have figured that you ought to have now for the house $125 a month besides the rent. This makes $190 all together[.] You get 50 from the biscuit stock & $40 from the house. So you need $100, more. If Paul gets a good income I am willing to let him pay his share of this but at any rate I want you to have that much & if you xxx want me to take the money or a part of it & fix it with the security I will send you the $100 for the use of the money

and the allowance. If you prefer to do any thing Else with it I will make up the difference so you get the $100– a month and will pay the furniture bills etc. And of course you can have the money for summer vacation [?]. I would fix [?] more in your name now w but have needed my ready money & want to get Paul well started so he will be interested. I have fixed my bank account so Paul can write checks & while I am away or any other time he will attend to this. I have told him what I thought you ought to have and at any time you think you want or need more you must let me know & as soon as I get things a little better straightened out & Paul is a little better established we can manage it [any how ?]. You can let him know about the money but you had better
keep this letter to yourself as he feels he doesnt want people to know what he is getting or expecting to get [.]

As Ever